BOWL.R is about eating real food #eatrealfood. BOWL.R is the new wholesome fast-food. We want to remove the label ‘healthy’, making the right food chooses should be easy and affordable.

Eating nutrient dense, quality wholefoods will make you feel better, give you more energy, help you live longer and it could even make you look better naked – look your best from the inside out!

Fun fact: only 20%* of how long you live is based on genes.

At BOWL.R we are food lovers first and foremost, our philosophy is based on the simple belief that the choosing the right food is good for you and the planet. Our menu caterers to a range of food lifestyles; vegan, vegetarian, alkaline, paleo, keto, macro, gluten free, sugar free, diary free. Our preferences; everything in moderation. We do lean towards a more plant based offering with an influence of the ‘blue zone’ philosophy and a less meat heavy diet. Consuming less meat is based on proven health benefits, economic and environmental sustainability concerns. The widespread adoption of sustainable sourcing is crucial if we are to continue feeding the population without depleting the planets natural resources. Locally sourced food absolutely tastes better, it helps us to reconnect with producers and build consumer awareness. The majority of our produce is sourced locally through our good friend, farmer Norm. We act respectfully by using sustainable packaging.

Even though we’re small and relatively new, we can still make a difference. Socially conscious initiatives will form an essential part of the business, BOWL.R will drive ways and means to create a supportive pathway to organisations striving to make a change.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food – Hippocrates 400 B.C Hippocrates is one of the most influential figures in the history of medicine and healing. Way ahead of his time, he advised people to prevent and treat disease first and foremost by eating a nutrient-dense diet.

Hippocrates and the Ancient Greeks weren’t the only ones onto something when they studied medicinal properties of food. Many traditional systems of healing which have been practised throughout history – for example Ayurvedic, Okinawans and traditional Chinese medicine have taught for thousands of years that food is medicine and a healthy diet is a powerful tool for protecting one’s health. The commonalities between these cultures is high consumption of plant based food, move naturally, a sense of purpose, loved ones first, community and our favourite; 1- 2 wines a day. Nutrient deficiencies and toxicity from a poor diet are linked to nearly all modern health conditions. Our aim is to make wholesome fast-food options at reasonable price – mainstream – food is medicine lifestyle.

BOWL.R is what fast, casual and convenient food looks like. Come and get poked!

Our Story

We could tell you we had an ephihany whilst trekking through the Andres or watching a sunset at an Ashram in India, it could not be further from such an idealistic scenario. It came after joining the Australian Defence Force and being deployment in
war torn Iraq. Physical peak performance was paramount, Dan’s commitment to clean eating and living intensified.

Our menu focuses on wholesome food lifestyles, Japanese influenced poke, salads, raw treats, take-way options. bone broth, smoothie bowls, breakfast Saturday and Sunday only.